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micro SD XCDmicro SDXC flash memory cards are eXtended Capacity micro SD cards same features as SDXC cards - that is capacity up to 2TB (Terra Bytes) and data access speeds up to 300MB/s, but in the shape of the TransFlash / micro SD card that are usually used in mobile phones and other small electronic devices where even the small size of a regular SD card is to big. With an adapter microSDXC card can be used where miniSDXC or full sized SDXC cards are required as well as connected to PC via USB interface or for even faster read / write speeds connected to eSATA via eSATA SDXC connector that transforms any micro SD card into a low cost high performance thumb drive / flash drive.


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Bus speeds faster sound track qualified academics in the compact camcorder consumers and increase the interface bus speeds of consumer electronics and mobile phones.A SDXC 2TB memory cards can offer more than 100 movies in April 2009, significantly improves the digital lifestyle of consumers, increasing the storage capacity for over 32 GB to 2 TB and increase the number of frames in a second shot with SDXC cameras.The bus speed in the specification will also SDXC SDHC, SD, SDIO and embedded specification The next generation of the specification SDXC memory card, issued to members in high definition or 480 hours of HD recording or store 136,000 Photos fine degree. SDXC increased capacity will be more space and mobile high-speed, which are often necessary for the new features of up to 104 MB per second in 2009, a roadmap to 300 MB per second.

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micro SDXC usb rederIf You want to buy an SDXC 2tb you will have to wait a bit as they are not here yet. The sizes of currently awailable SDXC amd micro SDXC cards varie from 64GB to 256GB and microSDXC are usualy atleast one speed slower and about 50% more expensive than full sized SD memory cards. It also easo to understand why as micro sd xc are harder and more expensive to make fo to their smaller size of SDXC 2 tb card. When the maximum size of 2tb SDXC will be reached a new standart for this type of flash memory will be agreed on.